Occupy Wall St - ajl
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The day Geraldo came by people were giving him a hard time, as the sign being held above his head shows. He defended himself by saying: 'We're the only ones who have shown WTC 7 coming down in prime time and I supported NYCCAN RememberBuilding7.org initiative.' I asked him why that was and he said because 'almost nothing gets on the air that is not first approved by the higher-ups' and the copy desk. Despite journalism (in the name of, 'a free press') being the only non-official profession mentioned in and protected by the Constitution, we do not have a 'free press' in America today, in terms of diversity of opinion.
In 1980 approximately 50 different companies owned the various news, print, and radio media in the US. Today, the lot is owned by 5 or 6 multinationals. Many of whom have subsidiaries and business interests that are in direct conflict with the open reporting of the news. So we find a whole slew of crucial stories that get ignored or the context is so skewed as to completely misrepresent the truth.
'Omission is the most powerful form of lie.' George Orwel.l.

For example: British Uncover Operation in Basra: Agents Provocateurs?
Message Machine Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand - NY Times 2008